The Centre Maurits Coppieters (CMC) promotes policy research at a European and international level mostly focusing on Management of cultural and linguistic diversity in complex societies, Multilevel governance, Decentralization, State and constitutional reform, Secession of states and self-determination, Political and economic governance of Sub-Central Governments, Conflict resolution, Human Rights and Peace promotion.

The Centre Maurits Coppieters is a “Political Foundation at a European Level” recognized by the European Parliament since 2007.

The Centre Maurits Coppieters is recognised as a Non-Governamental Organisation (asbl/vzw) under belgian law.

It observes the principles on which the European Union is founded, namely the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law.

It develops its activities with the financial support of the European Parliament and CMC Members. The Centre Maurits Coppieters pursues the objectives and references as agreed in its Statutes.

According to its general regulations, the Centre Maurits Coppieters pursues the following objectives and references:

  • Observing, analysing and contributing to the debate on European public policy issues with a special focus on the role of nationalist and regionalist movements and the process of European integration;
  • Defending the right to self determination of the people’s and the democratic principle of respect to decide by the majority of citizens, freely expressed through a consultation or a referendum;
  • Serving as framework for national or regional think tanks, political foundations and academics to work together at European level;
  • Gather and manage information for scientific purposes on all nationalist and regionalist movements, organisations, structures, … in all its appearances situated in a European context;
  • Making available information to the public on the implementation of the principle of subsidiarity in a context of a Europe of the Regions;
  • Promoting scientific research on the functioning and the history of all national and regional movements in the EU and making the results public to as many people as possible;
  • Developing actions to open information sources and historical information sources in a structured and controlled way with the aim to build a common data network on issues of Nationalism and Regionalism in Europe;
  • Maintaining contacts with all organisations who are active in national movements and with the Institutions of the EU.

The Centre Maurits Coppieters takes all the necessary actions to promote and achieve the higher stated goals always observing the principles on which the European Union is founded, namely the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law.

The geographical scope of the Centre Maurits Coppieters is the European Union together with EU candidate and potential candidate countries.

The Centre Maurits Coppieters and this project are financially supported by the European Parliament. The European Parliament is not liable for the content of this project nor the opinions of the contributors.

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